EN ISO 22442, EN 14476, EN 16777 – GLP COMPLIANT



EN ISO 22442, EN 14476, EN 16777 test specialists. Perfectus Biomed Group are GLP compliant leaders in efficacy testing against viruses such as Coronavirus and Norovirus

Testing methods include EN 14476, EN 16777, ISO 18184, ASTM E1052, ASTM E1053, ASTM E2197. GLP compliant testing is also available.

Virucidal efficacy testing is important for assessing the activity of a variety of products against viruses. Testing can be carried out in a range of models including suspension tests and hard surface carrier tests. These methods can be used to assess a range of products, such as household and industrial disinfectants. We are GLP complaint, ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited. Our test data can be used to support the specific antiviral claim of a product. Perfectus Biomed also offer viral barrier testing for wound dressings and many other materials. GLP compliant testing is also available












Testing methods include ISO 18184, ASTM E1052, ASTM E1053, ASTM E2197. In addition to standard test methods we specialise in innovative science to help bring your product to market. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss our full viral testing capabilities. 


We will work with you to help you understand the different viral models, helping you to choose a method that is most suitable for both you and your product.

VIRAL Testing:

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a test method with us in more detail.

    • Pre-Saturated Towelettes Virucidal Effectiveness Test
    • Viral barrier testing


    Common names of viruses in our collection:

    • Coronavirus
    • Adenovirus
    • Norovirus
    • Poliovirus
    • Vaccinia virus
    • Rhinovirus (common cold viruses)
    • Influenza viruses
    • Parvovirus



    The coronavirus pandemic has required the disinfectant and biocides industry to react quickly to the fast-changing situation and produce products that support infection control, in the home and healthcare settings.   

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have redirected our focus and expanded our knowledge of our virology capabilities. We fast tracked disinfectants and healthcare product enquiries for efficacy testing against coronavirus and worked on innovative solutions to support our clients’ projects. Perfectus Biomed Group help companies to test their products and obtain regulatory and marketing data to support claims against COVID-19.  Contact us to find out more.  

    Below are just some of the tests and methods we perform to support coronavirus claims: 

    1. We also provide tests against human coronavirus 229E, a surrogate virus, that has been used for regulatory claims specifically against coronavirus. 
    1. Minimum requirements: For claims against enveloped viruses, disinfectants must be validated against the EN 14476:2013+A2:2019 standard using vaccinia virus. A 4-Log reduction is required to pass this test for contact times less than two minutes for hand hygiene products and less than 5 minutes for surface disinfectant products. This test covers all enveloped viruses including coronaviruses. 
    1. For disinfectant efficacy against enveloped viruses on a surface, tests must be performed against the EN 16777:2018 standard using vaccinia virus. A pass for this test will also allow claims against enveloped viruses including coronaviruses. 
    1. EN 17272 Airborne room disinfection testing 

     Our UK laboratory is ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certified, UKAS accredited and GLP compliant and we are proud to offer excellent regulatory compliance and quality. 

     Should you have any further questions surrounding our coronavirus testing capabilities or have a product you would like to talk to us about, please contact us.

    Perfectus Biomed Group, Now Part of NAMSA, excel in providing innovative science that improves lives. We are a UKAS accredited microbiological contract testing company, supporting a global client base from laboratory’s based in the UK and the US.
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