Perfectus Biomed offer a variety of microbiological testing services. We specialise in tailoring antimicrobial assays, performing customised and UKAS accredited biofilm methodologies and providing support for your viral and cellular research. We also support our clients through regulatory approval processes, such as FDA 510(K) submissions.

Perfectus Biomed offer R+D projects carried out to commercial timelines. We assign a PhD scientist to each project to ensure that we fully understand our client’s requirements throughout the entirety of the project.

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Medical Devices

We provide standard and customised test methods for planktonic and biofilm tests.

Wound Care

Experience working with wound dressings and adhesive removal agents.


We offer contamination detection testing and preservative efficacy testing.

Oral Care and Waterline Systems

Experts in dental waterline systems, biofilm removal and biofilm prevention assays.


We offer a range of planktonic and biofilm disinfectant testing.

Industrial Biofilms

Experience with products and systems in relation to microbial contamination and industrial biofilms.

Pre-market Notification 510(K) Submission Support

We support companies with their data generation portfolio.

Medical Devices

We can use the PMM to test for bacterial adhesion to and host cell toxicity of experimental devices.

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Urogenital Health

Since much of the human genital tract is composed of mucosal tissue, the PMM can be used for predictive preclinical testing of compounds or products related to urogenital health.

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Inflammation and Biocompatibility

The PMM offers a unique way to investigate inflammatory cytokine concentrations in a cost-effective manner. We can perform ELISAs and multiplex assays to determine whether experimental compounds are pro- or anti-inflammatory.

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Infectious Diseases

Mucosal tissue is an ideal environment for microbial growth, making the PMM an excellent application for testing the efficacy of products to treat infectious disease pathogens. We can test for efficacy against planktonic and biofilm infections with this model.

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