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Perfectus Biomed offer a variety of microbiological testing services.

We specialise in performing customised and UKAS accredited biofilm testing, planktonic, lung tissue and materials testing methodologies and providing support for your viral and cellular research. We also support our clients through regulatory approval processes, such as FDA 510(K) and MHRA European submissions.

Perfectus Biomed offer Research & Development projects carried out to commercial timelines. We assign a PhD scientist to lead each project and ensure that we fully understand our client’s requirements throughout the entirety of their project.

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Medical Device

We provide standard and customized test methods for planktonic and biofilm tests.

Experience working with wound dressings and adhesive removal agents.

We offer a range of planktonic and biofilm disinfectant testing.

Biofilm removal claim

We effectively determine the antimicrobial activity of your experimental products in our high-throughput, cost-effective models.

We offer contamination detection testing and preservation efficacy testing.

Experience with products and systems in relation to microbial contamination and industrial biofilms.


Measuring protein absorption onto experimental biomaterials and compare them with currently utilized biomaterials to determine how readily proteins will bind.

Experts in dental waterline systems, biofilm removal and biofilm prevention essays.

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  • Viral Testing
  • In Vitro & Ex Vivo Tissue Models
  • Molecular Testing
  • Biocompatability and Safety
  • Biofilm Testing
  • Microbiology Research

Microscopy services available to support your project:

  • Light Microscopy
  • LIVE/DEAD Staining
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Phase contrast Microscopy

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