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Perfectus Biomed will test the biofilm removal/prevention abilities of biocides, antimicrobial surfaces and paints.

Microbial contamination in water systems is a global problem that spans industries. Microbial infections within water treatment plants pose a wide spread health risk to the population. When these infections become biofilm related, they can prove exceptionally difficult to remove from tubes, pipes and water vats. For example, biofilm formation on the hulls of ships costs shipping industries billions of dollars. Excessive layers of biofilm material increases the drag, resulting in extra fuel to combat this.

New technologies, including altered surface structures and antimicrobial paints, help to minimise biofilm attachment. Perfectus Biomed can support your product through regulatory processes.

What We Offer

Perfectus Biomed will test biocides, antimicrobial surfaces, paints and other antimicrobial products in order to investigate their ability to prevent and remove both planktonic and biofilm encased microbial populations. GLP compliant testing is available. Planktonic testing includes:
  • Contaminant identification
  • Bioburden assessment
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Legionella assessments
  Biofilm testing includes:
  • Biofilm removal
  • Biofilm prevention
  • Determination of algal resistance
  • Legionella biofilm studies

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