Perfectus Biomed have donated to the ‘Buy a Goat’ fundraiser set up by Kathy’s Centre in support of Act4Africa.

Kathy’s Centre is a community health and education facility located in South Eastern Uganda. The centre provides the local community with vital health and support services, pre-school education, a youth club, agricultural training and financial literacy training. Kathy’s Centre also houses Act4Africa’s HIV & STI testing and counselling services.

About the ‘Buy a Goat’ fundraiser

Act4Africa has set up a model goat farm at Kathy’s Centre in South Eastern Uganda. The farm aims to train the local community in animal husbandry and basic veterinary skills. Some members of the community will also be provided with a goat to breed themselves. As a result, this allows access to their own income to support themselves and their families.

Perfectus Biomed have therefore purchased a goat to help develop the herd at Kathy’s Centre and to provide resources to the centre and its community.

If you would like to support the cause and donate to Kathy’s Centre, please visit the fundraising website.

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