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Perfectus Biomed are proud to have received an Act4Africa Certificate as a thank you for our donation. Kathy’s Centre in Eastern Uganda gratefully received our donation towards the HEAL (Health, Empowerment and Livelihoods) programme.

The Act4Africa HEAL Programme

The HEAL programme equips young women with the skills and training required to become financially independent. Donations to this programme allow the team at Kathy’s Centre to purchase a goat to add to their growing herd. Kathy’s Centre then gives the goats to the women of the Mayuge District to help provide sustainable incomes through breeding.

Typically, women invest a higher proportion of earnings into their families and communities. Therefore, the HEAL programme can help the economic participation of women speed up community development. This, in turn, reduces inequalities and also helps overcome poverty.

If you would like to find out more about the amazing work that is done at Kathy’s Centre and if you would like to support this, please visit the Act4Africa Website.

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