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During this uncertain time, as the Coronavirus continues to spread, Perfectus Biomed are offering test methods to support the approval of protective equipment in the medical sector.

Healthcare workers rely on protective clothing and equipment to keep themselves and their patients from being infected and infecting others. As we continue to face the challenge of a global pandemic, we are encouraged to use respirators and barrier materials to reduce the spread of the virus through droplet transmission.

Perfectus Biomed are currently offering services to support the approval of protective equipment in the medical sector such as;

  • BS EN 14683 – Medical face masks. Requirements and test methods.
  • ASTM F2100 – 19 – Standard specification for performance of materials used in medical face masks.
  • BS ISO 16604 – Clothing for protection against contact with blood and body fluids.
  • ASTM F1671 / F1671M-13 – Standard test method for resistance of materials used in protective clothing to penetration by blood-borne pathogens using Phi-X174 bacteriophage penetration as a test system.

Our laboratories are ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and GLP accredited and we are proud to offer excellent regulatory compliance, quality and fast turn-around times.

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