Perfectus Biomed are supporting Sci-Tech, Daresbury neighbour, Arcis Biotechnology in developing a Covid-19 innovation.

Arcis Biotechnology have developed a Coronavirus RNA extraction research kit in response to the shortage of chemicals available for diagnostic testing in the UK. The kit could reduce the need for highly expensive and prohibitive laboratory equipment and could in fact be automated using robotics.

The methodology and swiftness of such testing would increase the speed at which tests can be conducted for the most at-risk patients and healthcare workers alike.

To ensure the kits meet regulatory approval, Perfectus Biomed’s viral experts are performing antiviral testing on the kit along with molecular screening in support of an efficacy claim against coronavirus.

Perfectus Biomed’s Chief Executive Officer, Samantha Westgate, said: “Our mission as a business is to improve quality of life through exceptional microbiology. During these unprecedented times, we see that as more important than ever. Whether that’s adapting our services to support the development of new hand sanitisers or supporting our Sci-Tech Daresbury neighbours in helping to get their extraction kit into hospitals, we’re determined to use the expertise within our team to support the global fight against coronavirus.”

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