Microbiological testing – As a commitment to our projects with US-based companies, Perfectus Biomed will be returning to the USA throughout April, June, July, September and November 2018.

We will be scheduling client meetings to discuss new and ongoing microbiological testing with companies based in the USA. Additionally, Perfectus will be attending and exhibiting at a number of US conferences. This will help us to further support our clients who wish to take their products from the USA to Europe, and vice versa.

In addition to our visits to the USA this year, Perfectus Biomed will also be visiting clients in Europe and Australia.


Meet With Us

Perfectus Biomed would love the opportunity to meet with you at one of the many conferences we will be attending this year. If you would be interested in discussing our services, please visit our news feed to keep up to date with our conference attendance.

During these trips, Perfectus Biomed would also be happy to set up additional meetings to discuss our microbiological testing services. These include biofilm testing, antimicrobial disinfectant testing, cell culture and viral testing services. We primarily support the following market sectors: wound care, surface antimicrobials, medical devices, dentistry, cosmetics and water treatment.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting or to discuss how Perfectus Biomed can support the development and marketing of your product in the USA, Europe, Australia and South Africa.




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