Perfectus Biomed have collaborated with BSN Medical and the University of Huddersfield. The project aimed to design, develop and validate an in-vitro test method that assesses the fluid handling properties of negative pressure wound therapy devices (NPWTs) and superabsorbant (SAP) wound dressings within an exuding wound model. The project was part-funded by an Innovate UK grant; the Technology Strategy Board: Health & Life Sciences Round 1. BSN Medical and the University of Huddersfield provided consultancy, while Perfectus Biomed carried out the testing. The University of Huddersfield further supported the project through the repetition of testing to provide external validation before submission of the method to UKAS.  

Clinical Importance

Currently, there is no available validated test method to assess the increasing number of NPWT devices and SAPs being released into the market each year. A validated test method that mimics real life will allow wound care companies to better understand and market their products. Data can then be provided to clinicians that increases confidence in clinical product performance. Furthermore, the test method can also be used as a platform for the development of additional, and increasingly complex test methods, further challenging and differentiating products on the market or in the pipeline.  If you would like to find out more about this project or hear more about our services, please contact us.  
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