Perfectus Biomed Limited, the customised microbiological services company, is delighted to announce that we have successfully implemented a management system that has passed the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, the International Standard for Quality.

We worked closely with both Flintloque Systems Limited and BSI in order to achieve this goal and are delighted that this is another key step forward in the development of the company.

David Ashworth PhD, Managing Director, Flintloque Management Systems Ltd said:

“Sam and her team at Perfectus Biomed have worked very hard over the last year to achieve this goal. From a standing start, they have succeeded in designing, documenting, implementing, maintaining and improving their management system, all whilst continuing to grow a successful customised microbiological testing business.  They understood the underlying purpose of a quality management system quickly and got on with the hard work without complaint.  The close-knit team at Perfectus Biomed have been a pleasure to get to know and work with.  Given their work ethic, I can’t see why they won’t go from strength to strength.”

Ken Watson, Client Manager, BSI said:

“As the National Standards Body for the UK we help business set standards. We also have the responsibility to check performance of organisations against management standards such as ISO 9001. That’s what we have done in this case and am I pleased to say that our team were very impressed with what they found here and were able to recommend certification. We are proud to be associated with you in this venture and to have the name of BSI alongside that of Perfectus Biomed”

Dr Sam Westgate, CEO of Perfectus Biomed said:

“We are delighted to achieve this goal and are now focussed on the continuing to invest in our quality process. Achievement of goals such as these not only underpin the quality of our offering, they also extend our ability to better serve our customers, which is the most important factor for us.”

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