Merging two companies is always a daunting task but doing it successfully, smoothly and across two continents in some of the strangest times in a generation is nothing short of remarkable. On the 2nd June that’s exactly what Perfectus Biomed and Extherid Biosciences accomplished and in doing so made their expertise more accessible to clients on both side of the Atlantic and beyond.

In the midst of a developing global pandemic the teams pushed on with the merger. According to a Harvard Business Review survey 51% of respondents who were mid-merger/acquisition indicated at least a ‘temporary pause’ during the crisis however the newly-formed Perfectus Biomed Group stuck to their pre-COVID plans, avoiding any redundancies or furloughing, and increased headcount onboarding seven new members of staff.

Adapt to succeed

Ordinarily you would expect face-to-face meetings to get to know your new colleagues and train the teams, however in reality most of us were in ‘lockdown’ and venturing no further than our gardens and back yards. Uniting the two businesses thousands of miles apart when the rest of the world was in isolation required new ways of working. Communications, training, even the celebrations, transitioned online but the vital work in the labs continued; demand for testing didn’t abate.

Perfectus Biomed found themselves extremely busy supporting the COVID-19 crisis with virology testing as companies raced to develop, test and launch hand sanitisers in the fight against the virus. Smart redeployment of microbiologists from other areas of the business helped meet this demand demonstrating their flexibility and responsiveness.

What’s next?

Eight weeks on from the merger and almost all staff are back at their office desks and lab benches practising social distancing, a task made easier by recent laboratory and office expansions. The goal now internally is to finalise the integration of quality systems, complete training and harmonise the two websites. The team continues to grow gearing up to deliver their ambitious growth plans for the next 3 years.

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