Perfectus Biomed are a microbiological testing laboratory based at Daresbury Science Park. We are ISO 9001 certified and offer UKAS accredited ISO 17025 test methods. Our PhD scientists provide both standard and customised microbiological testing services to companies throughout the USA, Europe and Australia. Below you will find a brief summary of the sectors in which we work, as well as the testing services that we can offer.


Our Sectors

Wound Care

Perfectus Biomed support companies who produce treatments for chronic wounds. We have experience working with wound dressings, irrigation solutions, plasma dressings, NPWT devices and many more. We provide assistance with 510(k) submissions, FDA approval, dossier submissions and also grant approvals.


Medical Devices

Perfectus Biomed help to support research and development into microbial infection control of medical devices. We have experience working with catheters, permanent implants such as hip and knee implants, stents and novel platform technology materials. We provide a variety of medical device testing methods including biofilm prevention/removal assays, LIVE/DEAD imaging, confocal microscopy and SEM.


Disinfectant Testing

Perfectus Biomed offer a range of planktonic and biofilm disinfectant testing methods. We can custom design test methods to adapt to your requirements. Our testing services include carrier tests, suspension tests, capacity testing and also practical and in-use testing. We offer these tests in line with standard test methods including BS EN 1040, BS EN 1276, BS EN 1650, BS EN 1656, BS EN 1657, BS EN 13727, BS EN 13624, BS EN 13697, BS EN 13704, BS EN 14476, BS EN 14675, BS EN 14561, ASTM E2197-11 and ASTM E2414-05.



Perfectus Biomed offer a variety of oral care testing methods including oral biofilm assays and ISO 16954 Dental Unit Waterlines Testing.  We have experience testing single and multi-species biofilms in toothpastes, mouth washes, dental unit waterlines, cleansers and antimicrobial peptides.



Perfectus Biomed can assess the quantities and species of microorganisms present within your cosmetic product to ensure that it complies with EU cosmetic regulations. We offer cosmetic test methods to evaluate the antimicrobial protection of a product, to detect specific species of bacteria within the product and for the enumeration of aerobic bacteria, yeasts and moulds. 


Our Services

Biofilm Testing

Perfectus Biomed offer UKAS 17025 biofilm testing methods. We will work with you to understand your product to allow us to choose a biofilm test method that is most suitable, using either standard biofilm models or adapting/designing a model. Examples include microtitre plate assays and drip flow and CDC reactor models.


Cell Culture

Perfectus Biomed specialise in biocompatibility testing, using ISO 10993 guidance to measure cytotoxicity, hemocompatibility, irritation, corrosion and proliferation viability. We use in vitro wound and cell models to aid biocompatibility assessments.


Viral Testing

Perfectus Biomed offer virucidal efficacy and viral barrier testing for a variety of products including household and industrial disinfectants and wound dressings, respectively. Viral assays that we can offer include AATCC 100, ASTM E1052, ASTM E1053 and also EN14476.


Microbial Site Audits

Perfectus Biomed offer routine microbial site audits to support you in delivering a quality decontamination process. To find out more about what our site audit process involves, please visit our microbial site audit page.


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Please contact us if you would like to discuss how Perfectus Biomed can support your work. We are also happy to arrange a meeting to discuss our services, if preferred.


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