Cell Line Quality Control 


Cell Line Authentication – AATCC ASN 0002-2021

Ensure complete confidence in your cell lines with our cell quality checks – Cell Line Authentication, Pathogen Detection, Mycoplasma Testing and Sterility Testing 

Misidentified and contaminated cell lines can be identified through our cell line quality control package.

Bacterial and Fungal contamination is often clearly visible using microscopy, and usually can be detected without microscopy via a change in the media. However, mycoplasma and viruses are too small to be visualised under microscopy (even with DAPI stain and a fluorescence microscope the results are considered unreliable)

Perfectus Biomed Group can support your research with our cell line quality check program. The programme is carried out in line with ATCC ASN-0002-2021 standard (for the identification of cases of misidentification and cross contamination of cell lines). Our turnaround times can be as little as 24 hours, and project reports are simple, easy to follow and can be submitted to journals with a paper.

 Do you always know what cell lines you are working with?

Features and Benefits 


Our cell quality control package is essential to ensuring your research is not going to be effected by misidentified cell lines. In order to maintain confidence in your cell line we recommend testing at three key points  1) the master cell bank, 2) the working cell bank and 3) throughout ongoing testing. Regularly assessing testing your master cell bank is crucial as it could be in use for over a decade and could be used for millions of pounds worth of research. Regular cell line assessments enhance your confidence in your work but they are also beneficial in obtaining grant funding. Including a plan to screen cells adds weight to grant applications, and at publication, where more and more high ranking journal are demanding evidence of appropriate cell line assessments.  

Cell Line Authentication

Short tandem repeat (STR) profiling is used to analyse your cell lines and ensure you have confidence in your research. It is notoriously difficult to replicate science, and one of the most prevalent reasons for this is misidentified or contained cell lines. Cell line authentication is becoming  a requirement for grant approvals, publication acceptance and confident research results. We recommend cell line authentication upon receipt of new cell lines and at regular intervals during passages.

Mycoplasma Testing 

Mycoplasma are among the smallest bacteria, capable of passing through filters with a pore size of 0.2 microns. They do not usually kill cells but can impact cultures by altering cellar metabolism, chromosomal aberrations, slowing cell growth and interfering with cell attachment. All these factors can cause the cells to react differently in test to non-infected cells. Mycoplasma can spread quickly between flasks and can infect different cell lines in the same lab.

Sterility Testing

Bacterial and fungal contamination can spread quickly within a cell culture laboratory. Traditional microbiology techniques can be used to identify contamination from frozen vials, without the risk of culturing cells and spreading contamination to other cell lines.

Pathogen Detection

Perfectus Biomed Group can perform murine and human pathogen detection. Infection of cells with virus is not visible my microscopy due to their small size. Contamination may not kill the cells and may spread within a laboratory.  Cell lines contaminated with pathogens can be a health and safety risk to scientists and also affect how cell lines behave, leading to false results.

How it works 

Our cell line quality control package can be arranged through our order form in the link below.  Our service is cost effective and efficient, we understand the need to keep your research project on schedule and by using this service you can continue with confidence in you cell lines. Send your cell line samples along with the completed form and we can provide reliable results in as little as 24hrs. If you have any questions about the ordering process or you would like to discuss our full testing capabilities please contact us 



For pathogen detection, cell line authentication and STR analysis we accept the following formats of cell lines:

Fresh or frozen cell pellets

  • Please provide a minimum cell number of 1×106 cells/mL.
  • Fresh cells must be washed in appropriate buffer to remove media/trypsin traces. Please specific storage media used when filling out our Submission Form.
  • When overnight shipping samples please ship with icepacks or dry ice for longer shipping periods.

Dried cell pellet

  • Please provide a minimum cell number of 1×106 cells/mL.
  • Fresh cells must be washed in appropriate buffer to remove media/trypsin traces. Please specific storage media used when filling out our Submission Form.
  • Please ensure the tube has no residual liquid using Vacuum pumps.
  • Dry samples may be shipped at ambient temperatures.

Genomic DNA

  • Extracted DNA is also accepted at a reduced cost to cell pellets. Please note the DNA concentration of the sample on the Submission Form.
  • Please provide DNA at a minimum concentration >10ng/µl with a total volume of 20µl.
  • If you are not able to meet the requirements stated please contact to see if we can accommodate your specific sample size.
  • Extracted DNA samples may be shipped at ambient temperatures.

How can Perfectus Biomed support your research?

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