The ex vivo skin model can be used to test your experimental therapeutics in a cost- effective manner.

The use of in vitro cell lines are often not robust enough to withstand against experimental testing, studies can be costly and take a long time to complete. 

Pre-clinical development using our customizable ex vivo skin model, is quicker, cheaper and will de-risk clinical studies. Perfectus Biomed can use explants to test the cellular toxicity and antimicrobial properties of your products. We can also simulate a wound in the skin by means of incision or removal of part of the epidermis and dermis. Contact us to discuss how we can customise the model to best measure the effects of your product. 

Relevant Therapeutic Areas

Wound Care

ex vivo skin serves as a relevant model for wound care. The skin has comparable thickness, hair follicle density, and wound closure via reepithelialisation.

Inflammation and Biocompatibility

We use our ex vivo skin model to study inflammation by testing the tissue for known biomarkers associated with inflammatory processes. We can apply experimental formulations onto large or small areas of skin and then harvest uniformly sized explants with a biopsy punch. These explants are analysed for inflammatory cytokine production.

Infectious Diseases

ex vivo skin testing is commonly used to test formulations or compounds that are applied to the skin (e.g., presurgical products). We can track efficacy against host flora or seed the skin with known pathogens and track how they respond to the compound. We can apply this testing to large or small areas of skin.

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