The ex vivo mucosal model is highly customizable and offers a quicker, cheaper alternative to clinical testing. 

The model can be used as substitute for clinical testing, offering a quicker and cheaper alternative. A reliable and predictive model that enables rapid screening of your experimental products.

Model overview

We create explants from mucosal tissue harvested from pigs raised for human consumption. Explants are maintained in a cell culture medium within transwell plates. We can conduct experiments on various infection states, from planktonic to biofilm, with this model. The ex vivo model can be used to measure the antimicrobial properties and efficacy of your formulations as well as cellular toxicity and the inflammatory response of mucosal tissue.

Relevant Therapeutic Areas

Medical Devices

We can use the model to test for bacterial adhesion to and host cell toxicity of experimental devices.

Urogenital Health

Since much of the human genital tract is composed of mucosal tissue, the model can be used for predictive preclinical testing of compounds or products related to urogenital health.

Inflammation and Biocompatibility

The model offers a unique way to investigate inflammatory cytokine concentrations in a cost-effective manner. We can perform ELISAs and multiplex assays to determine whether experimental compounds are pro- or anti-inflammatory.

Infectious Diseases

Mucosal tissue is an ideal environment for microbial growth, making the model an excellent application for testing the efficacy of products to treat infectious disease pathogens. We can test for efficacy against planktonic and biofilm infections with this model.

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