Perfectus Biomed Group are leading the market with accredited biofilm test methods, and research & development. Our team in the US collaborated on a paper published in Communications Biology, that explored the antimicrobial potential of cannabidiol. The research demonstrated that cannabidiol (the main non-psychoactive component of cannabis) has activity against biofilms, little propensity to induce resistance, and topical in vivo efficacy.

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It is widely accepted that bacteria have become increasingly resistant to antibiotics, the paper summarizes this in one startling sentence – “This is particularly true for Gram-negative infections, where there have essentially been no novel molecular classes discovered and approved for clinical use since the 1960’s, but we also need better Gram-positive therapies, as resistant Gram-positive infections still cause substantial mortality”

The study discovered that CBD had selective activity against a subset of Gram-negative bacteria and does not build resistance after repeated exposure.

Confocal microscopy of MRSA ATCC 43300 biofilm grown on microscope slides, then treated with CBD at varying concentrations for 24 h. Slides were then stained with SYTO 9 (green, indicates live + dead cells) and propidium iodide (red, indicates dead cells) nucleic acid stains (white scale bars represent 20 µm in the 3D panels and 5 µm in the 2D panels).

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Perfectus Biomed were the first laboratory globally to gain UKAS accreditation for six biofilm test methodologies to ISO 17025. Our expertise and knowledge are fundamental to the services we provide. If you want more information on the customisable microbiology testing, we provide please contact us today.


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