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Perfectus Biomed Group are viral test specialists, we have extensive experience in both standard and customized methods. The market for disinfectants and biocides has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The global surface disinfectant market size was USD 770.6 million in 2019 and is predicted to reach 1,547.7 million by 2027.”[1]  We have supported our clients through the pandemic, by fast tracking disinfectants and healthcare product enquiries for efficacy testing against Coronavirus. We continue to value our client’s vision as our own across all sectors and services. If you would like more information about our testing capabilities, please contact us today.


EN 14476 is a viral suspension test for the medical industry, specifically for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics. The standard can be adapted to meet your product claim requirements, but we typically offer one of three viral claim options.

  • Full virucidal claim – testing against 3 non-enveloped viruses
  • Limited virucidal claim – testing against 2 non-enveloped viruses
  • Testing against enveloped viruses – (additional add on human coronavirus 229E)


A 4-Log reduction is required to pass this test for contact times less than two minutes for hand hygiene products and less than 5 minutes for surface disinfectant products.

The full virucidal claim gives you the most thorough label claim, then limited virucidal and then, the testing against enveloped viruses. Enveloped viruses are of course easier to kill than non-enveloped viruses. We typically use four common viruses, this includes adenovirus, however there are a number of viruses that can be used in accordance with the EN 14476 standard. We have several of these viruses in-house, including parvovirus and other relevant organisms. We can adapt the method or testing to your products requirements.

The EN 14476 has become a more popular option for our clients, as unlike the EN 14675 it is specifically designed to test products in the medical area. Our team can support your products development, advise on the most appropriate standard test, and ensure you can make the required anti-viral market claims.

Companies and their customers have become increasingly aware of hand hygiene and the prominence of viruses over the last couple of years. It is now more than ever imperative to demonstrate a biocidal products (including hand gels and hand washes) effectiveness against killing commonly seen viruses. We understand our clients need to highlight that their product is effective against viruses, appealing to their consumer and ensuring governmental rules and safety regulations are met. As a contract research lab, we can act as your testing partner and ensure you get results quickly and accurately using the EN 14476 standard. We have extensive experience in the nuances of biocidal requirements along with medical device requirements, for more information on our full testing capabilities please contact us.











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