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Perfectus Biomed Group offer a range of ex vivo and in vitro tissue models. Our tissue testing can be carried out to study inflammation and biocompatibility, antimicrobial efficacy, and reepithelialization.


Tissue Testing Models include:


  • Ex vivo Human Tissue Model
  • Ex vivo Porcine Skin Model
  • Ex vivo Porcine Mucosal Model
  • In vitro 3D Reconstructed Human Epidermis
  • Human Corneal Epithelium


Find out more about our customizable tissue models:

Ex vivo Human Skin Model

We use our human skin model to test lead formulations and screen them against a variety of parameters in human skin to ensure clinical success. We perform antimicrobial efficacy testing, biomarker assessments, and host cell toxicity on wounded or unwounded skin.

Ex vivo Porcine Skin Model

Porcine skin serves as a proven model translatable to human skin. We use portions of skin from pigs destined for human consumption either large pieces of whole skin or explants to test your experimental therapeutics in a cost-effective manner.

Ex vivo Porcine Mucosal Model (PMM)

This model is highly customizable and can be easily tailored to fit your needs. Our PMM is a reliable and predictive model that enables rapid screening of your experimental products.

Customizable ex vivo models can be a valuable preclinical research technique. Contact us to find out more about our tissue models and how they can help you.

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