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Perfectus Biomed are delighted to announce that they will appear in the SuperNorth Life Sciences Supplement which has been published today with The Times newspaper. On page 2 of SuperNorth, the achievements of the winners at the 15th Bionow Annual Awards Dinner are detailed.


“With longer life expectancy and the development of new treatments, all developed economies are facing sustained increases in demand and expectation and ever-rising healthcare costs. Harnessing the innovation of the buoyant life sciences sector, which is increasingly developing not only life-saving but often cost saving breakthrough products and projects will help underpin better health across the UK for all. Several significant medical advances were judged outstanding at the 15th Bionow Awards Dinner – the annual showcase from Bionow, whose objective is to help write a new chapter in terms of health for the UK population – with each of them winning an industry “Oscar”. The global challenges of antimicrobial resistance are being addressed by Perfectus Biomed, based at Sci-Tech Daresbury and winner of the Bionow Technical Service Award. Perfectus have developed a quality standard for laboratory testing that closely mimics medical bacterial contamination.”

The full article can be found here.




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