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CEO of Perfectus Biomed, Dr Samantha Westgate, will be among the panel members for the Insider’s Knowledge Cities event in Liverpool this week. The debate will take place on Tuesday 26th February, 2019, within Liverpool Cathedral.


About the Insider Event

Insider’s Knowledge Cities event provides an opportunity for influential members of the science, health, technology and education sectors around the Liverpool region to discuss ideas and innovation on how the city can compete on the international stage. Discussions will be held on growth potential for key sectors and the support required with regards to skills, infrastructure, marketing and digital connectivity.

Some of the topics to be debated include:

  • Retaining a talented workforce: engaging with the universities and accelerators
  • Fertile and supportive environment for further innovation: the opportunities to shake up traditional thinking and commercialise opportunities in AI, machine learning and big data
  • Fast-growth potential: the companies with the greatest ambitions
  • World-class infrastructure: does the city meet expectations for digital and physical connectivity
  • Resilience post-Brexit


For more information on the event and to view a full list of speakers, please visit the Insider Media website.

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