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At this year’s Wounds UK Conference the Perfectus Biomed team will be presenting a variety of posters.


Posters to be presented at Wounds UK

  • A scientific assessment of an automated disinfection system for the decontamination of pressure-relieving hospital mattresses
  • Accredited biofilm test methods: What it means to the wound care industry
  • An assessment of the antimicrobial activity of a novel nitric oxide generating wound treatment system according to the modified AATCC Test Method 100
  • Assessment of the biofilm disruption and bacteriostatic capabilities of an autolytic debridement dressing
  • An assessment of the use of debridement tools to disrupt a biofilm and the ability of an autolytic debridement dressing to prevent spreading of bacteria across the wound
  • Antimicrobial properties of an activated Carbon cloth and proteinase modulation by an ACC and other market-leading products
  • Microbial sequestration and proteinase modulation properties of Silicone-coated superabsorbent dressings
  • Odour sequestration properties of superabsorbent dressings

The Harrogate Convention Centre will hold the Wounds UK Conference between 13th – 15th November.

Please come and join us at stand 39 to meet the team and to also find out more!

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