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Perfectus Biomed are excited to attend this years Biofilm Science and Technology meetings, sponsored by the Centre for Biofilm Engineering (CBE). The regulatory meetings will take place on 4-5th February, 2020 in Hilton Crystal City Hotel, Arlington, Virginia.

About the CBE Meetings

CBE’s Biofilm Science and Technology meetings take place twice per year. The February meeting focuses on regulatory pathways, bringing together representatives from industry, regulatory agencies and academia. The meeting held in summer is aimed at Industrial Associates interacting with the CBE researchers and students.

The CBE is sponsoring the meetings for the seventh consecutive year. The aim is to bring representatives together to discuss biofilm-related technologies, including presentations on products regulated by both the EPA (surface disinfectants) and FDA (medical devices and implants). Attendees will have the opportunity to receive updates on CBE projects and research strategy, attend in-depth meetings with CBE researchers and students and attend hands-on workshops on CBE biofilm analytical methods.

This year, the meeting will include session topics on:

  • CBE’s role in regulation and product advancement
  • Medical biofilms: Insights from the first two decades of the millennium
  • Meaningful standards for preclinical performance testing of antibiofilm medical devices and combination products
  • Antimicrobial method development initiatives
  • Dry biofilms: Challenges of recognition and eradication
  • Risk factors for chronic biofilm-related infection of implanted medical devices

To find out more about the meetings, please visit the CBE website.

If you would like to find out more about our services and how Perfectus Biomed can support you through regulatory submissions, please contact us. We would also be delighted to arrange a meeting during the conference.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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