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Prospective new clients will have the opportunity to learn more about Perfectus Biomed through a series of conferences in Manchester, Denver and Florida.

Dr Samantha Westgate, the business and scientific director of Perfectus Biomed explained: “It’s a chance for us to explain our research methodology to a large audience. It’s also a great opportunity for new clients to arrange meetings with us, and for us to venture into new areas.”

Perfectus Biomed have been able to attend these conferences due in part to a recent investment of £100,000 from The North West Fund (THFW).


Conference Dates.

1: IBBS. Manchester 2-3rd Sept.

2: ICAAC. Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

American Society for Microbiology. 10-13 Sept Denver, Co.

3: Clinical Symposium of Advances in skin and wound care. Florida 24-27th Oct.

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