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Perfectus Biomed are delighted to be platinum sponsors of the upcoming Eurobiofilms 2019 conference. Our sponsorship of the opening ceremony on 3rd September will include an introduction to Perfectus Biomed and our commercial biofilm testing capabilities, delivered by our CEO, Dr Samantha Westgate.

The conference is being held in the Technology Innovation Centre in Glasgow between 3rd – 6th September 2019.

About Eurobiofilms

The 6th European Congress on Biofilms is hosted by the European Society for Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Disease’s Study Group for Biofilms (ESGB). The conference provides an opportunity for the very best minds in biofilm research to network, mingle and learn from each other.

The multidisciplinary program will cover many subjects and will be a mix of basic, clinical and environmental biofilm related topics. Presentation topics include:

  • Biofilm model systems
  • Biofilms, the human airway microbiome and chronic respiratory infection
  • Antimicrobial strategies for biofilms
  • Biofilms at the mucosal interface
  • Clinically important biofilms

International experts from the biofilm field will provide insights into the newest concepts and ideas emerging within biofilm research, hoping to challenge the perception of biofilms.

The conference will also provide workshops on in vitro biofilm models, in vivo biofilm models of infection and OMICs approaches to biofilm research.

If you would like further information on the Eurobiofilms 2019 conference, please visit their website. To find out more about Perfectus Biomed’s biofilm testing service, please get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Biofilm containing bacteria Klebsiella, 3D illustration. Gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria which are often nosocomial antibiotic resistant
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