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Perfectus Biomed are currently working with the team at UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to improve their website for international clients. UKTI are supporting Perfectus Biomed with the knowledge gained from their extensive experience.

Perfectus Biomed would like to ensure that companies and organisations interested in microbiological testing are able to find them easily, irrespective of search engine or geography. Biofilms are a global issuethat span many sectors including but not limited to ;wound care, surface antimicrobials, medical devices, dentistry, contact lenses and water treatment. Perfectus Biomed aims to support clients in multiple sectors with customised microbiological testing to validate current products, test new ones or carry out effective audits.

Translation of key content from English into other major business languages is under way at present and once this process is complete, the website will be further amended and updated to maximise the benefit for customers. As always, the goal will be to make the website easy to navigate and to provide clear and easy to understand guidance on the major services that the company can offer.

Perfectus Biomed is a leader in customised microbiological testing. We focus on designing and delivering assays that test antimicrobial agents using in vitro experiments to mimic ‘real life scenarios. We specialise in testing bacteria within biofilm populations and recognise the increased difficulties that our clients experience when trying to treat and prevent biofilm infections. . For more information on our sectors and services visit services and sectors at

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