Hannah Thomas, Microbiologist at Perfectus Biomed, is currently undergoing additional training on ‘state of the art’ SEM, TEM and confocal microscopy. This is part of our commitment to continually enhance our capabilities and the skills of our team. It is also part of our commitment to ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of microbiological testing methods. We do this by investing in the best equipment we can find to support microbiological testing, and also by ensuring that we have access to the best academic and commercial know-how.

Microbiological testing services

For an explanation, or a reminder of how our specialised microbiological and biofilm test methods and assays can assist you, please contact us by telephone or via the website. We are happy to discuss the challenge you are facing and provide practical and credible solutions, always with the desired end result in mind.

Perfectus Biomed is a leader in customised microbiological testing. We specialise in designing and delivering assays that test antimicrobial agents using in vitro experiments to mimic ‘real life scenarios. We specialise in testing bacteria within biofilm populations and recognise the increased difficulties that our clients experience when trying to treat and prevent biofilm infections. The six main market sectors that Perfectus Biomed support are – wound care, surface antimicrobials, medical devices, dentistry, contact lenses and marine / water treatment. For more information on our sectors and services visit services and sectors at www.perfectusbiomed.com

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