Perfectus Biomed’s CEO, Dr Samantha Westgate, incorporated the business in 2012, through investment from Midven Rainbow Seed Fund and SPARK Northwest Fund for Biomedical, to design customised microbiological services that serve the antimicrobial community. The mission is to improve quality of life through the provision of exceptional, customised microbiological services. The management team at Perfectus work towards building relationships not only with clients, but also with team members, in order to lead a dedicated and accountable team that provide an exceptional service. The team take an innovative approach to achieving results in the real world, sharing expertise and knowledge that is fundamental to the services provided by Perfectus Biomed.

Senior Microbiologists & Team Leaders

The Senior Microbiologists and Team Leaders at Perfectus Biomed have experience in microbiology, biofilmology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and virology. They lead a team of scientists to carry out the development and validation of novel method adaptation, virology, 3D cell culture assays and biofilm science. Our Microbiologist Team Leaders joined Perfectus as Laboratory Technicians and were trained through Perfectus Biomed’s Graduate Training Programme to be Microbiologists. 

Microbiologists and Laboratory Assistants

Our degree level microbiologists and laboratory assistants have a variety of experience in biology, microbiology and human biology. Our microbiologists are qualified to perform our UKAS accredited biofilm test methods and also perform internal Research and Development. Microbiologists and Laboratory Assistants provide core support to all Senior Microbiologists.

“As a team, we are dedicated to what we do. This reflects on the relationships within the team, everybody works well together and this helps to produce high quality work.” – Laboratory Assistant.

Conference Team

We firmly believe that the best people to explain our services are the individuals who design and carry out the projects within the laboratory on a daily basis. We therefore have an established commercial conference team who attend national and internaltion conferences, which provides an opportunity for internal graduate-level employees to be trained to sell commercially across industry conferences.


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