About Perfectus Biomed

Within the Healthcare and Environmental sectors, we specialise in understanding the client company’s needs intimately and assessing the ideal assay methodology that will generate the most meaningful result. We do this whilst balancing an academically sound, highly credible approach with the need for commercial efficiency.

Our Services

Perfectus Biomed offers an academically based approach to microbial testing whilst operating in a timely and efficient manner, keeping the client’s requirements in the forefront of our minds at all times.

What our customers have said about Perfectus

    “We have begun a block of work with Perfectus, and the initial support has been excellent. Perfectus understands the needs of small businesses and have been flexible to accommodate and adapt the proposals to meet the demands on our business.”

    Dr Matt Pearce - Medtechtomarket

    “Perfectus Biomed met and understood our requirements within an agreed and reasonable time scale, producing an easily understood report with met our aims and with sensible recommendations for further work to compliment the original work. We are using them again and would recommend them to others in our field.”

    Robert Brown - Chemviron Carbon

    “The service Perfectus Biomed offer is quick, flexible and professional. I am happy to recommend them to other people.”

    Stuart Boothman - Sinclair IS Pharma

    “I found Perfectus Biomed to be professional, knowledgeable and comprehensive in their approach.”

    Jeanette Muldoon - Activa Healthcare

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